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Things you might not know about Orchard


Ex-works Cars

Since Kevin first rebuilt TON792 in 1980, there have been a number of ex-works cars, and other well known competition cars that have been subjected to the Orchard treatment. 

These include

1. OAC 1 - The 'coupe'

2. TON 792 - 1958 rally car

3 SJB 471 (now 2754DK)- 1959 rally car, possibly first 3000

4. 67 ARX - 1962 Rally Team car, driven by Makinen, Hopkirk, Morley twins 

5. BSL 621 - The 'round the world car' 

Competition success

In addition to restoring and maintaininbg ex works cars, we have built cars that have successfully completed the MonteCarlo historique, Paris-Peking, Round the World Friendship Rallies and the MSA Historic Rallying Series

Not just Healeys and Jags

Whilst we have specialised in Healeys and Jags of all types, we also have experience in many other marques from the 50's and 60's. We currently maintain Sunbeams, both Alpine and Tiger, MG's, various Fords from the 1960's, various Triumphs and a Ferrari 246 or two.....  




Over the years, here at Orchard, we have restored a number of specialist military vehicles. These include:

1. 1942 Dodge WC54 Ambulance

2. 1942 Ford GPW, from the 'Very Early Production' run & 1945 Bantam T3 trailer

3. 1944 NSU 'Kettenkrad'

4. 1946 VW 'Schwimmwagen'

5. 1941 VW 'Kubel' radio car

6. 1942 Dodge WC58 radio car

Dodge Arrival_edited.jpg
Ex works
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