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There are always jobs to be done. Let us help you plan some of the maintenance work that is always needed on our classics to help keep us reliably and safely on the roads.

Give us a call and lets see how we can help you make the most of your classic. 




We know you dont need an MOT any more. But did you know 100% of classic car owners that we asked today, agreed that they would feel much happier having their classic looked over by an expert on a regular basis.


So we offer our own 'MOT' (Mechanical Orchard Test).

Its a cost effective way of giving yourself the peace of mind you need to enjoy your classic. 


Post winter check up/Servicing

Last October, when you put the car to bed for winter, were you full of good intentions? I will start it up every week, I will put it on trickle charge, I will grease the chrome, I will use tyre trainers, I will....I will.... I will.... I promise.....


And did you?

How long is it now since your pride and joy has been stood in the garage because it was too cold to go over, it was too wet or you had too much other stuff to do??

Get some peace of mind and let us check you over. 



Despite best intentions, cars can be left for some time. Maybe it was a car you inherited or a project you have never go round to. In recent years we have put a Honda 800, Jensen Healey and an Opel GT back on the road for their delighted owners. 

What have you got lurking in a garage or barn? We are happy to help. 

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