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I was talking to a friend recently, lives in London, got a couple of classics. No room to keep them at home so he has acquired storage outside of London. 

The Problem - 2 cars, 2 different storage locations, one being the basement car park of an office building. 

So security is an issue, locations are not terribly convenient, will it start when i get there?, did i keep the battery on charge?, has it got fuel? etc etc etc

Sound like a familiar issue?

Wouldn't it be so much easier to get there and find the car cleaned, full of fuel and ready to go.....?????



The Solution

We can offer secure storage for your classic.


Why not store your car with us in one of our bubble storage units, and get a headstart into the country for weekends attending an event at Goodwood or Brands, drive to Eurotunnel to head off to Le Mans or just to drive around the southern countryside.


- The Rathfinney wine estate ( is just 17 miles away,


- Beachy Head ( is 16 miles distant


- Bexhill, the spiritual home of motor sport in the UK is 20 miles.


We have a few storage slots left so call to discuss how this might work for you.


We can offer straightforward bubble storage or a storage contract that includes maintenance. Leave your modern car with us whilst you go out in your classic or we can collect you from a nearby railway station such as Tunbridge Wells.

Call or email us us now to discuss your needs and secure a quote for our storage service

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