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We have spent 40 plus years turning Healeys from old classics into cars that can keep up with the demands of modern driving and modern drivers. 

So if you want to use your car more frequently, let us help you make driving your pride and joy a more pleasant experience by choosing from our safety and comfort upgrades. 

We dont change the essential character of the car, we just make it 'better'......


Air Conditioning package

Using our 40 years of experience, we are currently finalising the development  of an all electric airconditioning solution for your Austin Healey - no more melted shoes or baked passengers! - all designed to utilise existing holes and brackets so no need to chop the car about. *

The kit is flexible and will work with all classics. We are finalising off-the -helf kits for E-types, and MG's and we can work with you to tailor fit the air conditioning unit to other classics.  

We recommend in all cases, the fitting of a high output alternator and conversion to negative earth if you haven't already done this. 

If you are interested in air conditioning your car, call  or email us so we can advise you of progress in the completion of this exciting development. 


*To get a fully guaranteed system, we can fit the air conditioning system to your car. Under exceptional circumstances, we can  supply  a self fitting kit.


Disc brake conversion pack

Worried that your car cant stop as quickly as the more modern traffic around it?


Over the years, we have converted many customer cars from drums all round to discs up front or discs all round.


Excellent for dealing with modern traffic stops and starts. We can supply a kit for you to fit at home or we can offer a fitting service. 

- Front disc kit

- Rear disc kit

- Fitting service (front or rear)



Let's be honest, the factory seats are terrible. Anyone who elects to spent more than 30 mins in the seats deserves a medal.


We have developed a touring seat specifically for Healeys.


Do they fit? Yes. Are they comfortable? Yes.


Job done.

Call us for an estimate on the cost of replacing your existing seats with these beauties, bespoke trimmed in leather!

Because they are bespoke, we can't supply these 'off the shelf', so call us as soon as you can to discuss the finish and delivery times.  

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